Arrangement of random iterations of objects in geometric clusters

Hello, I have created these different iterations of the same base object, which are all currently spread out on a grid system. I would like to group them by using a Pop3D component, using them as building blocks to create interesting shapes. However, at the moment, I can not change the geometry on which they are aligned. I have different extrusions and steps in these objects and I would also like to include random rotation, in order to create more variety. My end goal is to create clusters of these different iterations of fragments that can be adjusted and changed through a variety of parameters. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you. (23.7 KB)

you’ve got all the tools in there you need already.

Are you looking to rotate the polyline before extrusion or the brep after extrusion?

If the latter, 1) set up a list of rotations using the same domain and random seed approach you’ve already used.
2) use the volume component on your breps to get the centroid of each brep, create an xy plane with the origion at the centroid, and then rotate in plane.

Thank you!