Arrange objects along a circle

Hello, Im stuck because I cant manage to arrange these rectangles, with a specified distance between each other along this circle.

I tried the flow command but its not working at all, tried tweaking the options but its not doing what I want. The result should be something like the object to the left in red.

Any ideas?

Thank you


the result on the right looks like you have not selected a basecurve with correct length, therefore all recangles appear to be compressed or maybe the length of the circle is too short for the amount of rectangles and _Stretch is enabled?

Try this, select all rectangles then start _Flow, when it asks for the Base curve, click the _Line option then define the line from the lower left corner of the left rectangle and the lower right corner of the right rectangle, then pick the circle.

To avoid that the recangles are deformed, use _Rigid=Yes. Any better ?


Managed to do it with your explanation. Thank you so much!

Sorry for necroing this thread, but a doubt has come up using the flow command: When the target curve distance is bigger than the distance the objects have in total, how can I make it so that the objects distance is increased, but proportional to the original?

Right now when I arrange a set of objects along a big circle, they simply complete an arc, not the full circle.

I tried increasing the base curve distance but its not doing any difference.

Scaling might be an option, but how can I scale the distance objects are apart without scaling the objects dimensions?

Maybe someone has a workaround…

Hi Shynn - set Stretch=Yes. Does that do what you want?


Hey Pascal, nope, that would deform my objects.

I fixed it just now though. I used “testscaleposition”, scaled to the length of the circunference and then “flow” command normally.

Thank you anyways Pascal

With Rigid=Yes it should work as well.


You are totally right, thats way faster than what I was doing, thank you!