Arrange Layers through SDK

(Steve Baer) #1

Continuing the discussion from Rhinoscript: DupEdge equivalent:

I don’t believe that functionality is available in any of our SDKs, but I could be wrong. @dale do you know if there is a function to sort the layers in the layer panel?

(Dale Fugier) #2

No there is not. @BrianM why do you need this?


Just gone round in a big circle… we had this discussion on the old newsgroup and I just wanted to check with Steve to see if Rhino.Python had the feature.

I don’t really need it, but the reason I asked is that my workflow usually involves complex models (boats) with many layers which are automatically generated through scripts.
I use a strict layer hierarchy which is always in alphabetical order.

In V4, the layers were arranged in the table from within the scripts with ‘Rhino.Layernames True’, if you remember our discussion, and that feature no longer works in V5 so I manually arrange the table each time a layer is added.

It was a nice simple line of rs code which I added each time a new layer was created, it worked a treat and I miss it … thanks anyway, I think I’ve exhausted this subject.