Arrange data correctly

hello every one

I just began to work with grasshopper, I just trying to create a diagonal net from a regular U,V surface division… now I need to skip points interspersed, but I can’t arrange the data to operate in this logic.pregunta_foro (14.9 KB)

I must share my ultimate goal is get a model of this kind of roof36b247c888961c8a829e2de9db523b2c

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I think there are many ways to create this
this is a quick way with Lunchbox or Paneling tools, but i think Ngon will create what you want (16.5 KB)

thanks a lot!
the key of this constructive system consist in the interleaving between the knots of one directions and the knots of the other direction, compensating the structure

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That looks a lot like the following topic:

uhh! its that!
Thank you