Arrange brick along Circle

Hi everyone,
I am new to Grasshopper.
I am trying to make a wall with bricks that arrayed along the circle. However, I am not able to do so although I can do it with the ellipse. The thing is I just use the same method for Ellipse with the circle but it is not working. the attachment file is the one with ellipse. But with the circle, I cannot make the brick alligned with circle’s tangent.
Hopefully, you can help me out. Thanks.

How to ask effective questions
3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files
If you have a gh file you have a question about, attach it to the post. Do not expect that people will recreate a file based on a screen-shot because that’s a lot of pointless work. It’s also a good idea to remove everything non-essential from a gh file. You can use the Internalise Data menu option to cut everything to the left of a parameter:

Simplifying a Grasshopper network

If you are referencing curves or breps or meshes from Rhino, you can also internalise them so you won’t have to post a 3dm file as well as a gh file. If you’re unsure whether all the relevant data is internal to the gh file, try opening it in an empty Rhino. Does it work? Good. No? You’ll need to internalise more.

Can’t do much to help without your GH file, but a circle is simply an ellipse with equal length major and minor axes. So try this and see what happens.