Arrange a particular shape with different scales in a boundary

I have some curves that want to repeat it with different scales between some permanent shapes in a specific boundary (without intersecting the permanent shapes).
is there any way to solve it with galapagos`s form finding? or some other ways?
any solution can helpful.

form finding.3dm (57.1 KB)

something like this,
but I draw this manually in rhino and need to refine this with some algorithm in grasshopper,
for change in another shuffle forms and because this way has some issues that I attached below.

form finding.3dm (213.5 KB)

Hello, it could be doable, best with programmation (C# …), but too specific. It is a forum so it is the good willing of people to help or not. On this subject it seems there are plenty of topics that can help you ;

To my understanding you could do that. Model the place taken by your shape in pixels, like that
As there are more than 2 sizes for you shapes make bigger shapes with more pixel.
And use the same logic as in this C#

thanks Laurent for your reply
your script is close to my issue,
however i cant programing to change it for my needs,
by the way
thanks a lot for your time

If you say the shape is in a rectangle use this script

I’m reading this right now.
it sounds interesting.