Arrage and lable stacked surfaces for print


Is there a simple way to label and print a (selected) series of vertically stacked separate surfaces (for laser cut)?

Hello - I am not sure this addresses your question but I’ll try - Select the surfaces (or copies) and use NonmanifoldMerge
Select the result and UnrollSrf > Explode = Yes
This will lay out the surfaces side by side - is that what you want?


Explode to separate the merged faces.



Wow, this is cool, never thought of that…

Usually I do it like the following:

  • Select the stacked objects
  • In Front view call Shear and draw a vertical line (I do it to the left of the objects) as reference
  • Then with Top view also visible, in Front View, (ortho off) pull the shear axis over to the right to sprread out the objects until there is space between them as seen from the top - then left mouse click to set.
  • In Top view, call ProjectToCPlane to flatten everything down.

One small advantage of this method is that it also works on curves, not just surfaces. But I might try to make a script that works on either using @pascal 's method…

Brilliant, exactly what I wanted, thanks!

Thanks for the Shear variant - new to me as well. Lacks the option of labeling, but has other uses I can think of.