Armillary Sphere

I was trying to make an Armillary Sphere, any suggestions to enhance the algorithm?

Armillary (24.4 KB)


A little documentation would enhance it! You’re in there and know what is going on but everyone else lacks that advantage. I’d start by grouping elements by function and also add a panel giving an overview of how it all works.

Making it easy to follow should help people to come up with improvements to the algorithm itself.


Sure Jeremy and really appreciate your comments, but I meant enhancing the algorithm in a way so that the circles cant be intersect because what I had here is overlapped rings, I mean something like the attached image

give to the circles an offset. you should create 2 or 3 different sets of circles with different sphere size.
I hope this help you.

You need to end up with spherical surfaces. Rather than creating a ring, create a sphere and trim it either side of the equator to get the band width. Offset it by the desired thickness to create a solid. Rotate into the desired position. Repeat for each band needed.

As an additional sophistication you may need to squash bands out of a true circle to properly touch the inner band - in some places you will have more layers than others.

Hope that helps

this also wrong

Armillary (34.7 KB)

Exactly, Thanks Seghier and also appreciate Jeremy for his contribution

Sorry, in a hurry I posted the image but not the program! (tease, moi?). Here you go:

Jeremys Armillary (38.0 KB)