Armchair - Rhino4/Flamingo


very nice design hand support only on one side … not bad the idea

Hi @Omarchagas,

Consider my input here more of an idea, than a complaint… as it only has to do with your presentation, and NOT the actual quality of your work.

Basically, I think you are far better served if you keep all of your project images within a Single Gallery thread.

As it stands know, it’s getting tricky to jump back and forth between the individual posts your uploading… and I’m more inclined to give up looking at, and enjoying the total body of work… since it’s hard to remember which particular thread contained that previous image I’d like to go back to, and see again.

I’m all in favor of looking at the merits of each individual art piece for it’s own sake… but I don’t think I’d display an artist retrospective is different galleries up and down the street, If the general idea is to showcase and celebrate the entire body of work.

…and speaking of your work, I think you’ve done a nice job.

Take Care, Jim

Hi JimD,
I thought that placing the pieces in their respective classes would be better. But if you go into my portfolio you will find all my models.
Thanks for the tip.

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It really is quite different :smiley:

As @omarchagas points out you can check out the portfolio page on his profile. One model per thread is good. Multiple renders from the same model can go in the same thread. Most important to place the best render as first image in the first post.

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I didn’t understand what you meant, could you explain it better, because I don’t speak English. Thanks for guiding me.

I only said that you did not do anything wrong with creating a new post for each product image. Keep on doing that! :slight_smile:

Ok @nathanletwory, thanks for the tip!