Arma 3 Moddeling

Hello i recently started modeling with help from my father and i would say its going quite well, but what ive been moddeling are WW2 tanks which i would love to get into a video game, Arma 3, but whenever i try to export it to 3ds (which arma 3 needs) it wont work, either the model doesnt exist or it wont load, can someone help me as i find this program the best one to use with modeling. thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Victor - are there polygon count limits in the game? Often those use tricks on extremely low resolution meshes, and Rhino’s meshes tend to be on the dense side. I think the 3ds format is limited to 64,000 polys anyway, in our export. Try running the Mesh command (lots more info here:

Then use the What command on the resulting mesh to see how many faces it has… it might be a lot. Anyway, try exporting that.


thanks ill try it out and get back to you :smiley: