ArkoAI - Rhino 7 file got corrupted - it went from 850mb to 1.8mb

Hi all,

this morning I wanted to try out a Rhino Plug-In called ArkoAI and after it not working, closed the file while saving it…

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but the file went from 850mb to 1,8mb without me deleting anything. Unfortunately it’s not a duplicate, and I can’t find the backup files of it. I can not even read the file anymore. See the pictures.

I’ve a duplicate file from 2 days ago, but if I could save one day of work, it would be fantastic. And in general, maybe you’ve got an idea why this happened, and could prevent any similar problems to other people.


Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 10.08.13

Apparently this plugin has hosed your file. Don’t know how, but unless your file had 848MB of junk in it, it’s gone.

All you can do is not mess around with plugins that were obviously knocked out really quickly in order to cash in on a trend.

By pressing “Yes” more than 10 times “to continue reading”, I finally was able to open the empty file, and Revert to old versions. I was able to get a version from yesterday night (a little smaller than it should be : 716mb?) and everything seems okay for now.

Next time, I will try these kind of new plug-ins on duplicates or on unimportant files :slight_smile: