Arid crack

Does anyone know the best way to model a crack similar to the ones in arid landscapes?

There are some discussion here


but none of these are really representing a crack but rather just a plain pattern. I want something that actually turns into pieces almost crumbles.

Did you test this I added recently ?

And it would be better you provide the input you want mesh nurbs… And the output 3d print CNC …



Keep in mind that Rhino is intended to accurately model surfaces for manufacturing. I can’t see a situation where making a model that looked like the dry, cracked mud makes sense from a manufacturing point of view.

If this is for visualization purposes, the options outlined by others should be pretty good.
If you really need a model like that, I don’t think a NURBS based surface modeler is the best tool for the job. Potentially a mesh modeler would be a better fit.

How do you plan to use the model?
What is the problem you’re trying to solve?