Args.Draw Curve(). Top most option (display top)

Hi, I have a question about the display of Args.Draw Curve(). This plugin is a Top most option that I cannot find in the API and add it to my code (this option makes the curve always be displayed on the top of all layers in Rhino, you know how Can I add it to my code?



It has a GNU General Public License v3.0, which means you can only use it legally if you also make it open-source (=“CopyLeft”). But honestly, if you copy the relevant part of the code, I doubt there will be anybody complaining as long as you’re utilizing for private or company internal purposes. Usually, copy-right issues are only present if you copy and paste major parts without any serious effort in modifying the code, or if you simply reference such a library in your code base. In reality, it’s almost impossible to enforce copy-right rights because the owner has to prove that there is a violation. And the average Grasshopper plugin itself highly depends on McNeels/Ruttens source code.