Arena4D for Rhino Render plug-in and New Videos

Veesus Ltd is pleased to introduce Arena4D for Rhino Render, a point cloud render plug-in for generating extremely high resolution images of point cloud models inside of Rhino’s renderer pipeline. Once an image is generated, Rhino’s built in tools for applying effects such as depth of field can be applied.

Arena4D for Rhino Render plug-in requires Arena4D for Rhino to be installed to access the point cloud data.

Download a sample image of soem Leica P30 data here.

New Videos: Editing Tip 1, Editing Tip 2 and Brightness, Contrast and Colouring

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What is Arena4D? Arena4D is a rapidly developing software product, specialising in the visualisation, exploitation, and animation of huge PointClouds and GIS data. If you collect, edit, analyse, register, reverse-engineer, create videos, present or simply view Pointcloud data from any scanner, Arena4D is the ideal manufacturer independent visualisation product.

Posted Mar 08, 2016 by Elena Caneva on Rhino News, etc.