Arena4D for Rhino 6

Arena4D is now available for Rhino 6!

Arena4D allows importing massive point clouds into Rhino for modeling. All functions inside of Rhino are controlled via the simple Arena 4D Panel, presented in a familiar Rhino style.

Functions include:

  • Unlimited Points
  • PointCloud Shading and Lighting
  • Point Cloud Clipping
  • Point Cloud Decimation
  • Snapping to Point
  • Slicing (Sections) through a point cloud
  • Slicing (Sections) to Curve
  • Point Cloud Opacity
  • Point Cloud Filling
  • Point Cloud Magnification
  • Point Cloud Lighting
  • Customisable Shader
  • Viewpoints
  • Slicing Between Geometry

Download an eval on food4Rhino…

Posted Feb 16, 2018 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.