Arena 4D for Rhino - new version

Arena4D is a rapidly developing software product, specialising in the visualisation, exploitation and animation of huge PointClouds and GIS data. If you collect, edit, analyse, register, reverse- engineer, create videos, present or simply view Pointcloud data, from any scanner, Arena4D is the ideal manufacturer independent visualisation product.

What’s new in Arena4D for Rhino 1.2.0:

  1. Slice
  2. Clip
  3. Snap to Point
  4. Arena4D - Lighting
  5. Arena4D - Smoothing
  6. Arena4D - Point Colouring
  7. Magnification tool
  8. Protected VPC files
  9. Attach construction plane to slices
  10. Align slice to a curve
  11. Reduce point density in perspective view
  12. Compatibility mode for older hardware

Details and download…

Posted Mar 13, 2015 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.