Area component strange behaviour

i have one question regarding the Area Component.
When i have some surfaces projected on XY- or YZ-Plane everything will be fine and the operation will be completed in 400 ms.
When i project the same planes on XZ i have to wait 6.7 min for results.
Why ist this so? (197.4 KB)
Data is internalized…

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When you Project to XY or YZ, Join results in one surface, so the notoriously slow Area is executed only once, When you Project to XZ, Join fails, resulting in 533 surfaces.

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This could be a workaround and compare the calculation times… (587.5 KB)

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@Josef_Ostner —> Thanks! i didn’t recognize it. So, Join has a problem?

@ HS_Kim —> Thanks for the clear definition.

No. The projected surfaces just don’t join in that case, partly because many of them overlap, though I didn’t analyze that aspect of it. Disable Area and examine what’s happening before reconnecting it.

@HS_Kim avoided the problem by running the surfaces through a Crv param before Project, followed by RUnion to get a single perimeter curve, so Area is executed just once.

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A trick to reduce calculation times, especially for Area and Runion, is to break the large set of areas into, say, 6 groups, union those, then union the result of those. Doesn’t always work, but in a project with some 1,300 elements to union, it reduced time from 22 minutes to about 70 seconds.

Yeah, divide and conquer can speed up things.
This is also a posible scenario for parallel computing.