Area and AreaMoments result in different area (inconsistent handling of grouped objects)

The area AreaMoments function also reports the area as the first line of results.
We found this area to sometimes be different from the area reported by the Area command.

to reproduce:

  • draw two planes, each in its own layer.
  • group the two planes
  • hide one of the two layers.
  • select the (remaining) visible plane.
  • enter the “Area” command: this will report the area of just the visible (selected) plane.
  • enter the “AreaMoments” command: this will report the total area of the group.

AreaCentroid seem to have the same issue.

When the group is selected, the area is reported as “Cumulative Area”, indicating that the other (invisible) plane is included. However, if multiple visible objects are selected “Cumulative Area” is expected and there is no way to know that the selection included groups and that the invisible objects from those groups where included.

We think the “AreaMoments” should only use the visible objects in any selected groups, but in any case these two functions should be consistent or make it much more clear that “AreaMoments” includes hidden objects.

As a workaround, we will use only the “Area” command and avoid the use of groups in these situations just to be sure.

Version 6 SR13 (6.13.19058.371, 27-2-2019)

Hello - I see this, thanks.


Perhaps this could be simply fixed by just expanding the results report to break out specifically all the subcategories of things that are included. Of course, the alternative of only calculating and reporting on things that are visible and explicitly selected works too.