Are UserDictionary values transformable?

I’m attaching a mix of data to my GeometryBase objects in simple python nodes. I’m using MyGeometryBase.UserDictionary.Set(key, value) and this appears to work pretty well within grasshopper, and the values can be retrieved easily as the correct types again. However, if i transform the parent geometry, i want the contents of the dictionary to also be transformed.

I am confused with the terminology here. The abstract class UserDictionary has a
Property and an OnTransform event. However the GeometryBase.UserDictionary is of type ArchivableDictionary. which does not appear to be related. How can I attach geometry to a curve and ensure that the children always undergo the same transformations as the parent?

I’ve tried inheriting from UserDictionary, but i can’t figure out how to attach it to anything (13.9 KB)