Are there other options besides Match and Blend

I have a control point dense object that I want to match the ends on- problem is that it’s a trimmed surface so Match won’t work. Blend doesn’t give me what I want. Are there other ways to bring my two ends together? Thanks in advance!

Made a little video you need to adjust the edit points of the cage object but you get the point. For further work on this I would go rather into a 3D pipeline like ZBrush/3DCoat and Modo or Cinema to prepare the objects.


Maybe there is even a possibility to use FlowAlongSurface. So use the cut surface piece then use a blend blending the two open ends of the big surface and use the new sweep surface as target surface. then prepare the blends as described. Just an idea…

thanks @hannesgrebin !

Can you tell me what the website you referenced was for the script? Thanks @hannesgrebin

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Thank you!

Hi @hannesgrebin I wonder if you might be able to help me. I finally got a chance to try out the bounding box cage edit, made the box successfully but when I edit the box it doesn’t seem to be editing the surface. I obviously did something wrong.

Hi Courtney - you need to attach the cage to the object - Cage by itself does not do this, it only creates a cage object. Use CageEdit > BoundingBox etc etc to both create and attach the cage. If I were you I think I would make a simpler cage however - you probably only want degree 1 and two points in the CPlane X direction.
Mansfield Camel’s Hump his and hers rings_PGCage.3dm (1.2 MB)


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exactly. found the minimum bounding box cool as a reference to draw the cage’s bounding box as pascal has mentioned…

Thank you @hannesgrebin and @pascal !!