Are there any good animation solutions for product explosions?

So I render with V-Ray and love using Rhino for modeling, however the animation tools are very limited.

My portfolio is and I can only make 360 animations. How can I make like explosion animations… like screws flying off, panels coming off, things spinning… etc.

Any other software for that? Seems like Maya and 3Ds Max are more for VFX

Should be possible with V-Ray for Grasshopper. I haven’t looked into it yet though. Otherwise Bongo?

@Aiden_Kashi Not ‘animation’, but it is very useful for ‘explosion’ views. @DavidRutten has posted it HERE

I once made this. But that I did in Modo. Blender is of course also an option.


What about Maya or 3Ds Max? Are they mostly for CGI?

if you want to be on subscription, then yes, please go ahead

Well I guess the question is more that industrial design animations can be pretty simple… just moving panels around… rotating gears… glowing lights… Maya and 3Ds are like way too advanced for that. Also, just no one uses Bongo. I can’t find any tutorials on it.

So maybe Maya would be good for it? Then it becomes Modo vs Blender vs Maya vs 3Ds Max. Just exporting models outside of Rhino is a pain.

It’s not all that simple as it looks. What’s difficult is not so much the setting up of the relations, (although that is a fair bit of work) but getting the camera right, the movements timed well etc. I’ve never used bongo so I can’t tell if an animation like this is manageable. I think your best bet if you don’t yet own anything CG-related apart from Rhino, is to invest your time in Blender. Plenty tutorials to be found. And I think it is very complete if it comes to animation, more than what you probably want/need.
Exporting out of Rhino works quite well through OBJ or fbx, but yes it’s an extra step. The animation I posted above was a step file imported to Rhino, where I modeled the PCB, then exported everything to Modo via OBJ, rigged and animated it in there and rendered it with V-Ray for modo and post processed in After Effects (yes, the one with a supscription).

also this, made by David:
ExplodedView.rhp (21.5 KB) Plug-in for making exploded views - Rhino for Windows - McNeel Forum.pdf (69.3 KB)

@Gijs do you still use Modo?

@Aiden_Kashi thinking also about it as Modo has very few and very old tutorial ressources from 10 years ago where the software is explained. Nothing new available.
Therefore I decided to move on to testing 3DSMax and Maya as they have a full-feature Indie subscription 350€/y
Modo is €659/yr or €66/mth