Are _Test commands secret? Is there a list somewhere?

I’ve enjoyed using _TestAlignControlPoints over the past few days.

Where can I find out about other test commands in the WIP?

Is there a secret menu somewhere, like In-n-Out Burger?


Yes they are secret, I’m afraid. You can search this forum for _Test


I understand not wanting to get inundated with feedback, but it seems like it’d be pretty easy to filter out comments about test commands.

“Test” commands are a way we can get incomplete code out to test ideas to solve specific problems. Sometimes they result in new commands.
Sometimes they replace existing commands. Many times the new ability is folded into existing commands. They are also abandoned when they turn out to be a dead end.
They are not documented and come and go as development progresses.



Well for what it’s worth this _TestAlignControlPoints thing that does not officially exist is great and should officially exist. A huge time saver and a workflow that’s very intuitive.

If I remember right, I think that functionality might end up folded into an updated SetPT command, or an updated Align command, but I’m not involved in that development work.

Ah. I will play with both and see…

No, those seem like broader and/or blunter tools.

The thing I’m using quickly and easily aligns control points to a curve. It would be even cooler if it worked with edit points and subD vertices too.

Save first. Many of test commands are just a bit of UI to test some deep core code that a developer is working on. Running one of them, might leave Rhino in an unstable condition. You might crash later unexpectedly.

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testrandcolor is my fav

Oh yes, I have been. The one that I’m using, for what it’s worth, does not seem to cause total crashes ever. It does seem to cause a weird display bug that can make Rhino unusable by duplicating objects I’m working on, but when that happens, I can still undo and save at the last point before the bug started. And I’m using the command a lot, in different circumstances. So far is is much more of an asset than a liability.


I’ve been following this thread. I tried the control points align. Liked it a bunch. Liked also the setback test commands as well. I made aliases for each of them. Do you think this will get me in trouble later with crashes? Is a good safeguard to save often?— Mark

When the test commands are removed from Rhino (without warning), then your aliases will be to unknown commands, but Rhino will not crash.

By then the test commands will either be promoted to “real” commands that autocomplete, their functionality will be folded into other existing commands, or they will have been abandoned in favor of other approaches.

Setback test commands?

_TestSetbackFilletEdge / _TestSetbackBlendEdge

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