Are home-schoolers eligible for the student discount?

I am a 15yo home-school student with a 3D printer, I and my younger siblings use it for our science/engineering projects (they tell me approximately what they need and I help design and print it for them.)
Would I be eligible for the student discount on Rhinoceros? What proof would I have to provide as a home-schooled student if I am? and also since im asking questions, does it work offline without cloud saving features? :0

Thank you for your time in reading this! <3

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, if there is a more appropriate place to ask please point me in that direction. And if there is any additional information you need please ask and I would be happy to provide it!

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Yes, Rhino will work completely offline, but of course without any of the features that require the net. When installed for offline use the help file must be downloaded and installed separately.

For your eligibility questions you probably need to contact @WendyHemmelman