Arctic mode set to all

Can we get a button to set arctic mode to all view ports? Thanks,Mark

_SetDisplayMode _Viewport=_All _Mode=_Arctic

thanks Mitch

Mitch, is this an alias? I set it up in an alias and it explains to me as “unknown command” thanks,Mark

It’a a comand macro. You need to choose your own alias name for it and then put the name plus the macro in your Options>Aliases section. Or you can create a toolbar button and put it in there if you wish.


I did that. It was a no go. Thanks Mitch

Dunno, works here…

this is what I typed in . Hope it is correct. --Mark

It is not… You left out the spaces between the options. Just copy/paste from the forum post above…

thanks Mitch for the help. works as you described.