Arctic mode as a render

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if it’s possible to do a render in the same way of the preview arctic mode? It’s quite usefull but doing a print screen isn’t the best solution especially with the resolution.



How about the -_ViewCaptureToFile command? It allows you to set the resolution.

Which renderer are you using?

Thanks i didn’t know this command. However even by putting a high resolution it is still pixelised. I’m using rhino render

I get crisp results from arctic mode, can you show an example?

Here is a test i did just now on my laptop with a 750m:

And here I used 4x the viewport resolution
(Rightclick on it and choose to open the image in a new tab and then click on it so you see it at 100%)

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Ok, maybe i didn’t put a resolution enough big, i will try tomorrow with bigger resolution


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Hi everyone!
I tried with a much higher resolution and it worked perfectly! thanks a lot, As simple as it is this command is really amazing!