Archsim thermal zone

Good afternoon,
I want to test heating and cooling loads for a small cube with tilted parts on one face, I tried to define the thermal zone in Archsim but the tilted parts are defined as roof or floor. Can you please help me to fix that? (40.5 KB)

Hello Eiman Graiz,

You should define “window”, so the Analysis component can understand parts of your building.

I hope the attachment could answer your question!

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archsim (75.0 KB)

I don’t have windows on this cube, I wanted a solid concrete cube. Do you think I can do that?

Hello Eiman Graiz,

In this case, I think you don’t need to care about how Archsim define your cube’s parts. What you should do is you can set facade, external floor and roof the same concrete you want. To do that, click the Settings button on the bottom of Thermal Zone component, then go to Constructions tab.

I hope this would answer your question.

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Ok, I will try that thank you!