Architecture Video Tutorials?

Hi everyone,

I’m an architecture student and I am only just beginning to enter the world of digital 3D modeling- So far I have managed to get by with physical models, sketching (by hand and perspective drawings in photoshop) and using Autodesk AutoCAD for my orthographic drawings with post-processing in photoshop. However I feel like my workflow would greatly improve if I had a 3D model that I could extract all orthographic and perspective drawings from- I would still like to ‘render’ in photoshop with textures afterwards; however I would benefit from generated shadows within Rhino as this can sometimes get tricky as the forms get more complex.

If anybody can offer any advice on any video tutorial series to work through that are relevant to architectural modeling that would be greatly appreciated. So far I have worked through the water bottle tutorial on Vimeo as an introduction to the software; however it would be good to be able to work through an architecture related series if possible!

I have found a website called this seems to have pretty good sessions to work through but it costs $29 per month (I don’t mind paying- but I would prefer it if there was a free alternative!)

Any advice at all would be appreciated!

Below is an image from a student project that gives an idea of the sort of image I would like to produce to help to present my proposals (produced in Rhino with post-processing in photoshop)



There’s a lot out there when you search Vimeo and YouTube but I think you’d like this professor’s lessons to start…

There are a lot of detail tutorial on modeling & rendering…