Architectural scale factors... why don't we have them?

Why don’t we have architectural factors when changing our layout scale? If I want 1/8" = 1’, I currently have to multiply 8*12 to get a factor of 96. Would it be so difficult to build this in to a drop down selection window so i can just select the factor directly and avoid the math?

Hi Peter,
Thanks for the suggestion.

The format of 1=x, is a standard format that tell us that in 1" on the layout there are X model units. The base unit in an architectural model is inches. So this format tells Rhino in 1" there are 16 model units, 48, model units, 96 model units. These scale are typical Imperial architectural scales.

By specifying 1/8"=1’, we are saying the in 1/8" on the layout there is 1’ (one feet) of model units. This is ok, but is harder to compare it to engineering scales. Engineering scales are 1=x too, but the standard is 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 …Feet, Inches or other unit.

When we look at AutoCAD, they use the format 1 layout unit = x model units. They do not format in the classic architectural formats.

Now if we look at BricsCAD,(which is an amazing CAD program) they do format in the classic architectural formats. If you what to set the viewport to 1/8"=1’, you can select from a list. I believe this is what you are suggesting for Rhino.

So I will add the architectural formatted list as a feature request to be consideration in future Rhino. Thanks for your suggestion.

In the mean time, here is a list of CAD scale factors.
Hope it helps.

Mary Ann Fugier

Hi @mary
It is dependent on the flavor of AutoCAD - Architecture and MEP have more than vanilla AutoCAD

Architectural scales also depend on where you are. In Europe (and I imagine most of the rest of the metric-speaking world), scales are expressed as 1:xxx


Thanks Mary. Yes, I was thinking of something like what you show in BricsCad–a simple drop down where we can select the specific scale for a given window. Thank you.

Hi bm_cad,
Yes - good point. I have “vanilla” AutoCAD.
AutoCAD Architectural seems to have the look that Peter wants.
Thanks for the additional details.
Mary Ann Fugier