Architectural render

Hi everyone.
I’m modeling a part of berlin for a architectural project. and i would like to have a specific render: white surfaces with grey shadows. here is an example.

At the moment my modelisation look like this , and i played a bit with the parameter to get somthing similar but i experience some problemes. First it’s what i get when i’m doing the “rendered mode” but when i do a render the result is completly different.

“rendered mode”


thank you in advance for your help

@pascal or @scottd can you help with this?

Hello - see if the attached file helps at all -

  • the material is white with diffuse shading turned off - boxes and groundplane have this
  • the light is a parallel light, and shadow intensity is turned down (=gray) on the light
  • rendering isocurves is set in the ‘Post effects’ panel.

Is that anything like what you need? (271.8 KB)

Paul -

There are a number of advanced display options here that may help you configure your own mode:

You may take a look at Simple Bright to start.