Architectural design 3 Final Project submission!

I have 2 buildings with a podium (image01). the buildings go through the podium and i need to do boolean difference to remove the overlapping part (image02). The issue im facing is that the parametric wall of the podium is is slightly different from the parametric wall of the 2 buildings and boolean difference causes these useless leftover strips and blobs (image03)

Is there a way to melt the podium wall to the wall of the building so that when i do boolean difference or boolean union, get a seamless connection.

Much love to everyone that responds​:raised_hands::raised_hands:

Edit: This is the link to the file: Rhino 7.3dm

You need to recreate the base (or the base portion of your towers)

Assuming you want the base to conform to the towers…

Create copies of your towers and trim them horizontally to get the base portion.

Trim the results vertically around where they should meet the middle portion of the base.

Trim the base too. Leave a gap large enough to allow for a smooth transition. Use blendsrf.