Arches and gravity script?


I´m just wondering if it possible, and if it is not to complex, to create a modell with “pillars” and “ropes” that are going through a plane and the “ropes” that are hanging creates an arch between the pillars it is connect to? I want also to be able to adjust the pillars length and the “ropes” that are hanging on to them will adjust itself so that the arch is adapted to the distance between the pillars.

I have not tried to create a script myself yet, I am just considering using grasshopper for this or if I should try another method, if it is to complex…

Maybe my short description is not enough to explain my idea but I hope combined with the sketches you get what I mean! :slight_smile:

Perspective view:
Section view:

The ‘Catenary’ component does this for simple hanging ropes attached to fixed supports at their ends.
You just provide the Line between the points and the length you want for the curve.

If you wanted some of the ropes attached to other ropes somewhere along their length so they pull on each other then you’d need form-finding, which you can do with Kangaroo. In your sketch it looks like this isn’t the case here though.


Hi, and thanks for the late reply…

It appears to be a quite simple solution then…good!

Is it possible to invert the arches also?

Have a look at the attachment.

Catenary (13.2 KB)

Catenary (17.9 KB)


Ah okey. I see that you have made surfaces out of them which was my intention to do eventually. However I see now also that it might not get the effect that I was imagining.

I was looking to develop these arches to make them look somehow like these shapes in the picture that I attached below.