Arc: start, end, radius bug?

When opened the dialogue box for inputting radius contains last used value, as expected. Typing a new value and pressing enter does not update the value in the box - it reverts to the original value. Not pressing enter after entering the new value the arc, the radius is not constrained to this value. As long as the arc direction cursor stays outside the endpoints of the arc the radius will be constrained to the typed value, but if the cursor moves between the arc endpoints the arc radius (not just direction) is controlled by the distance between the cursor and the endpoints. I understand that pressing enter without typing a new value accepts the previous used arc radius value, but if I type a new value, I prefer to see the arc diameter constrained independent of cursor location- I should be free to set direction only. Also I think I should be able to change the radius value by typing in a new number and pressing enter and this number should stick for the next time the command opens whether I create an arc or not. Using Rhino for Mac version 5.0.2 (5A865)

Hi Abraham - I see that, thanks - the typed value is used but the UI does not show it.



Yes that’s it. But also the selection of arc direction will change the radius value if the cursor is between the endpoints. I would like to see the radius locked so it doesn’t depend on the cursor being outside the endpoints to lock radius. Otherwise you may inadvertently change the radius too and not know as the UI will not update.