Arc in Rhino seems cracked in segments

Hi all! I am a Rhino 6 (Windows) user. I face a problem with arcs. I tried to extrude the curves shown in the pictures (containing arcs), but the arcs seem cracked in segments (in viewport & render as well). What should be done to solve this issue?

Change preview options and have a proper scale and distance to origin

Hi Petras. Thank you for your reply. Could you please explain more specifically, which are the commands / settings I should use?

It looks like you have a too coarse mesh setting.

If you click Tools --> Options --> Mesh and try check the second radio button (at §4: “Smooth and slower”), then the mesh should be, well, smoother. It that isn’t enough, click “Custom” and adjust at §5 to your liking:

If you geometry is too far from the origin you may still have some problems wiyth the display, but if you move your geometry closer to the origin it will look alright.

// Rolf

Hi Rolf! Thank you for your reply and suggestions. I changed the mesh settings + the distance from the origin and the problem seems to be solved!