Arc direction at 90 to rotating line

I wish to draw a quatrent arc at 90 degrees to the rotating line !
How do i keep the arc at 90 to the moveing line as it

rotates ?

I’m not sure I understood well what you want, I think it’s this: (12.1 KB)

also, it will help you get better help if you read this:

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As line A,B is rotated around point A, I wish to draw an arc from B at 90 degrees to the AB line.
I need grasshopper to generate the line, not rhino.
I can set a static direction of the arc, but i need the arc to be at 90 to the AB line as it moves.
I do not understand how to get this veriable into the arc function

Thank you, but i am still confused. I have copyed your set and i have an arc sliding up and down my straight line .
i am working on the x z plane.
I have introducesed a curved line on the x y plane and you set works.
All i need do is understand what is going on !

Thank you

Seriously, please read this:

Thank you so much,
I spent over seven hours on this yesterday, trying to fathom out what was going on. and failed misserably.
here is my mess of attempts to figuer it out.
As you can see, i have lost some hair, brain cells, and dignity.

I have entered your solution and it works well.
Again thank you.

Here is what i have been tryining to do, and with your help i have got there.
Obviously this is just a small segment of my overall project.
And now i can move on thanks to the help i have recieved.

Thank you.

I am not going to recreate your model. There are usually multiple ways of doing things, depending on assumptions. Like whether or not the “curve” is a line, planar or 3D curve, and how the “arc plane” is oriented. Etc.

Please save yourself and others time by posting an actual GH model.

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Rotate and move the base plane