Arc button flyout keeps trying to move

For some reason, the Arc toolbar keeps trying to move the top button to inside the flyout toolbar. Only the arc toolbar does this… (78.9 KB)

Hi declan,

maybe you´ve changed the link to behaviour. You can change it back using SHIFT + Right click on that button and set the Linked toolbar to “(No Link”). If i set mine to arc, i get the same error as you are showing:

If this does not solve it, try to either open the “Arc” or “Main” toolbar using the _toolbar command, then locate the button and try to change the link toolbar behaviour as described above.

edit: also disable the “Float to top” setting so it is unchecked.


It sounds like the Float to top setting is on for this toolbar.

Float to top is not checked.

Linked Toolbar is set to Arc, but if I set it to No Link, I don’t get the flyout for other Arc types. Other buttons have Linked Toolbars and have no problem.

Also, I just checked V4 and the Arc button is set to Linked Toolbar = Arc, with no problems.

Also - I should add some clarification: The error message only appears when I LMB (and hold) then move the pointer over the flyout. If I release LMB before moving over the flyout there are no issues. It’s just a shortcut I seem to use where I choose the desired button from the flyout with an “onRelease” action.

From your video, I see that your arc 3 point button (second from left in the toolbar) also is linked - that is not standard (mine is not that way). Pull out the toolbar completely (i.e. tear it off so it’s floating in the workspace) and then Shift+Right click on the arc 3 point button and set the bottom dropdown menu to “no link”…