ARC and corner profiles

i am new to rhino i am trying to create an object with this profile shown in image.can any one please guide me how to create this kind of corner profile ?
Screenshot 2022-03-30 at 6.00.42 PM

hi, welcome! a fast and maybe sufficient way would be to draw a square marking the two tangents then trim it off where the inclination of the corner starts. use BlendCrv and shift click on one point of the leavers then shift click on the second that will link them together so that you can symmetrically change the curvature. tweak until you are within your needed tolerance. there is some theory on which degree the curves should be, best not to go below degree 3. some would use degree 5 or 7.

use show curvature to evaluate if the acceleration meets your expectations.

there are more ways to do that, i am sure somebody might chime in if that topic keeps up. happy modelling!

is that for an apple product?

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Thank you for quick reply.
Yes this is an apple watch series 7 45mm