Aqua tower

can somebody help me complete this aqua tower script. somehow different series height doesnt make my floor plate look rightAQUA for (18.0 KB)

Can you state the problem you’re having more clearly?

if u can see on the bottom pattern looks fluid compare to top part that looks random. how can i achieve the same result as the bottom part

Hi, seems that using these values on these sliders fixes the problem. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the Perlin component so I cannot help you any more than that, I’m afraid.

Reading again your main post it seems that it was your same problem. I guess I haven’t really helped much, but maybe you could change the thread name specifying that your issue is with that particular component.

May I suggest using the Graph Mapper component with a Perlin function, instead?


As @Pietro_Pedone said, in order to have continuity it is important to have the same scale and the same t for Perlin noise. These noises with simplex depends on the scale at bit like a Sinus there is a sort of frequency, here in space. This frequency is depending upon the scale and XYZ. So if you want less variation in 2 for example scale Z with a factor less than one … t shift the noise.
There is s sort of explanation here for the scale

Hope it is clear.

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