Approximating a surface to tolerance

Approximating a surface to tolerance,
How can I ease the surface.


Wow, I’m impressed how bad surfaces can get. :slight_smile: You can try _FitSrf command to refit single surface patches. However, maybe the best is to reverse the shape from beginning on.

That looks like a polysurface. First Explode it into a set of surfaces. If any of the individual surfaces have a crease then divide the creased surface using DivideAlongCreases.

Two methods for simplifying surfaces:

a) Use FitCrv with the desired tolerance as an input.

b) Rebuild or RebuildUV the surface with a guess of how many points are needed for the desired accuracy. Check the results using PointDeviation. If you’re using Rhino 5 or earlier you will need to generate a set of points from the original surface for comparision purposes. If you’re using Rhino 6 then PointDeviation can generate the points for comparison.

Or as TomTom suggests build new, simpler geometry with the same shape.