Approximate a Symmetrical Version of Something Asymmetrical

Are there any methods for:

  1. taking an asymmetrical surface
  2. defining an axis of symmetry
  3. using said axis to ‘normalise’ either side of the surface
  4. then produce a symmetrical approximation?
  5. Thus the object I want to deform with FlowAlongSrf becomes reusable (even if not exactly deformed to both)

I get that the deviation will depend on how extreme the asymmetry of my starting object is.

Symmetrical_approximation.3dm (1021.3 KB)

I’ve not categorised this in case there’s someway a Grasshopper / Kangaroo / Pufferfish could help … my gut says this is some sort of tweened Mesh output which I’ll eventually be patching/lofting through in the area of particular interest for deforming. But maybe there are some pure NURBS solutions too.

Perhaps you could mirror your surface and do a TweenSurface between that and the original to get something symmetrical?

Very elegant and logical solution, thank you Daniel. I didn’t think it would be so simple, in principle.