Approved edu entities to buy a license

A young fellow at a company I did some contract work for pulled me aside and asked how he could learn CAD.

He’s working heads down 40+ hr/wk and can’t go back to a community college to get hooked up in the .edu world. Can’t afford a commercial license on his hourly rate and family commitments.

Are their any online .edu entities he can get hooked up with that is acceptable for licensing that is acceptable to McNeel?

Not as far as I know of. You have to be enrolled full time or nearly so to qualify. If he’s working 40+ hours a week, then he’s not even a part-time student.

Understood. Thank you.

He’s a real worker, but young and unfamiliar with capitalizing business tools. Reminds me of when I was 25 and clueless.

We need to have the talk :rofl: