Approaching an old design - advice

Hi. I returned to an old project I had been working on long ago.
I am preparing the file for CNC, and I would like to tweak the design to make the CNC milling more efficient and less costly.

As you can see in the image below, the profile curves are different on different parts of the groove.

I think using a spherical milling tooltip along the groove will be more efficient. Of course, the design will not be the same, but I am willing to tweak it anyways.

Do you think there is a way to create arcs corresponding to one radius value where the highlighted profile curves are at the moment? I thought I could also try to make an in-between rial between the existing rials and use the pipe tool. But I wonder if I could use the existing rials and always use one circle radius value that adapts to my rials and then split it.

Thank you

I assume you want to keep the sharp edges / rails.

Determine the radius of the desired profile.

Pipe using the desired radius and an edge/rail as the center curve of the pipe. Do this for each edge/rail.

Intersect adjacent pipes. The intersection will be the center curve of a new pipe. Two intersections will be found. The one to use should be obvious.

Pipe using the desired radius and the intersection curve as the center curve.

Trim the pipe using the edges/rails. (It may be more efficient to Split the pipe with the edges/rails and then Delete the unwanted parts.)