ApplyMtlPolysurfBounds, Make3GFromTetragonNHedra, ApplySpikeSoftening

Hello again. Look how this topic is called.
Are the commands similar to listed in this topic title expected in Rhinoceros 6…7 so far?

Here are the rough illustrations of what I mean::

(“ApplyMtlPolysurfBounds” would be similar to “facet material id” feature in 3dsmax, but not only on meshing level - of coarse, without any bitmap textures or bitmap masks)

(“Make3GFromTetragonNHedra” would be a kinda Autodesk TSplines function, but truncated to a certain narrow variety of topologies)

(as I see, Edge Softening currently do not work for cones’ and cubes’ apices, sometimes even resulting in bad mesh as it is shown on a pic; maybe “ApplySpikeSoftening” would solve such problems)

If the suggestions above are someway welcome - I would also make an another lunatic topic, and mention “NgonNhedraMesh” (or, “PolyfaceCutMesh”) and “NonIsoparmMesh” (“DelaunayMesh”) commands, also intended for applying them to polysurfs :slight_smile: