ApplyMeshChanges doesn't send deleted meshes


It seems the function
override void ApplyMeshChanges(Guid deleted, List added)

doesn’t work correctly.

deleted array is always empty.
As a result moving an object with the gimbal the object is duplicated because:

  • ApplyMeshChanges doesn’t send deleted object guids
  • but it sends added Meshes

Not sure since which version of Rhino is this. It seems 7.7 was still OK, but 7.14 is not OK (I can not test the in-between versions)


Hello, could somebody check this?


@nathanletwory - is this something you can help with?

I am not currently at my work machine, but using Rhino 7.15 here at least it appears to be working fine - at least no geometry duplication in Raytraced view.

@marton.parlagh do you get geometry duplication in your Rhino copy for Raytraced?

No, only in our rendering.

Is there maybe a new flag which could change the behavior?


I don’t recall such changes from the top of my head. I will investigate tomorrow morning.


There has been one change that possibly could impact your side, depending on how you handle things:

When a mesh with the same guid is both deleted and added then the guid is not anymore added to the deleted array. The reasoning is that the mesh already exists, but only gets changed, hence it is in the added (-OrUpdated) list.

Sorry for my late replay…

Thank you Nathan, this has caused the problem indeed.
I guess I can expect it will work like this in the future right?


It should work like this in the future, indeed.



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