Applying Materials & Texture Mapping

Still getting this pixelated view when applying a material (rendered display mode). And I still can’t get any kind of texture mapping to have an effect ?

I don’t have a Mac, but maybe this helps you. Select the object and go to the mapping properties. There you should be able to edit the repeat of the default surface mapping or to choose an other mapping type.

Per default your texture is random placed over the object and at the moment it looks like the scale is wrong only.

yeh scale is wrong, adjusting it seems to have no effect, and trying different mappings has no effect either


Go into the material and then into the diffuse texture. I’m assuming the texture mapping is set to WCS, change it to Mapping channel: 1. Now your custom mappings should work.


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yeh thanks @DavidEranen, not so easy to find that little pop up window :crazy_face:

@dan @DavidEranen the latest WIP seems much improved, applying materials is smoother, they look better, the swatches are now visuals of the materials, arctic mode is working, going in the right direction hopefully, hats off to you guys for slowly plugging away to get V6 Mac a fully operational Death Star :smile: :+1:

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Thanks @milezee for the update. @andy’s team has been making major progress on the rendering, materials, and texturing subsystem (the “RDK” as we call it). In addition to David E, @maxsoder, @lars, @marika_almgren, @nathanletwory, @johnc are all to blame for this goodness.

@marlin hooked up the Quicklook thumbnail previews for Finder.

“Death Star” eh? :laughing: Now, we need to find that metaphorical exhaust port and do something about that.

@dan I’m forced to use the Windows version in my main job at the office, Rhino is great, the PC’s not so enjoyable. I’ve done my own independent designs for years on my MacBook Pro, so the day when V6 Mac is nearly on a par with V6 Windows will be great day indeed :slight_smile:. Maybe the Windows version should be the Death Star (the dark side), and the fully operational Mac version the USS Enterprise :laughing:, anyway kudos to all the team you mentioned above, I’m sure it’s truly a monumental task somedays for the developers, especially listening to us lot whining and moaning about bugs and illogical workflows, hahaha :rofl:

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Ho aperto un file realizzato con rhino 5.5 con Rhinowip 6, quando ho tentato di accedere ai materiali è apparso questo avviso: