Applying materials and linetypes to layers

Is there a way to apply different materials or linetypes to layers in rhino for mac? When I open the layers panel, there is not an option to change either.

Right-click on the layer and select “edit layer” for changing the line type. Don’t know if/how materials can be assigned.

Just wanted to second this post - though it’s always possible I’ve missed something obvious switching from Rhino 4 to 5 OSX. But it looks like there’s a “Material Library” column in the Layers panel but it’s blank and uneditable - I’m guessing that will be the way to assign materials (Toucan for now, VRay when it’s available for Mac) by layer but it hasn’t been set up yet?

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Im also having trouble with this. Doesn’t appear that you can set materials to layers yet.

If someone could confirm or deny this it would be useful.

Is there a schedule for when linetypes other than continuous will be available? Thanks -Carter

[EDIT] I found them. Odd that they must be loaded in the Settings dialogue pane before being available. Shouldn’t they just be on by default?