Applying material to SubD Subobjects (per face) Rhino 7

Trying to apply material per face on a simple subd object, and it just applies the material to the whole closed subd. It works just fine on simple solids, polysurfaces, etc as expected - am I missing something? I thought rhino 7 had per face materials supported for polysurfaces and Subd, a magical upgrade.

Or is it only per face color that works? I port out a lot of work from rhino into lumion so trying to figure out how I can use this for rendering to show material transitions and do quick iterations.

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Seems like extracting surfaces is the only way to apply the materials separately. Hoping i’m just missing a step here.

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Hello - currently, as far as I can see, per face material is not supported on SubD.


@pascal thank you for the quick reply. Is this on the list of things to add?

For quick iterations and visualizations this would be so helpful - I’m trying to make shapes like this reception desk but with glass as a part of it. I see that people are usually making overlapping objects but that’s not ideal when you are making objects that might need transparency.

I did a quick test here making insets and angles to add a glass “panel” and the only way I could get it is to extract the section. It essentially makes you “put pencils down” to apply materials.

it’s a requested feature… hopefully coming soon if technically possible.


Thanks @theoutside. So many good improvements here!

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So we can add Perface material for SubD now?

not yet-