Applying list of windows/doors to list of walls

I have a question,
When adding several windows or doors, to a list of walls, it happens to locate the windows in corners and other weird places.
-I have all the points for windows in a list, and all the curves for walls in a list.-

I understand this happens because every window has to be attached to a single wall, and not a list of them, but having to assign which window/door corresponds to every single wall is unpractical for large buildings,
What I am looking for is a way of just throwing the windows location and all the walls list and that it assigns to them automatically, as I tried here, if that makes sense.
I hope this is a problem of my definition and not that this is not implemented yet.

list of windows not in (9.3 KB)

We can think about implementing this when there is nothing connected to ‘Host’ input.
I hope is not too slow.

Meanwhile something like this should work.

In your case is better if you filter your new walls instead of all the document walls like this. (26.3 KB)

Hola Kike, gràcies for the answer.
I tried both definitions, and they work fine for 1 point-window on each wall.
But when I try >1 windows per wall it keeps giving me these undesirable locations.

As here I tried 4 points, 2 for each wall, one of the windows is created in the corner for some reason:

Hi @subno, try this gh def. (Identify Window (16.1 KB) ) It worked out for me.


Hello @fsalla,
Your definition works perfectly, thank you very much.
I was just curious about the value 1.683 for the smaller component, what is the meaning of that value?

Hi @subno, I’m glad it worked for you too!
The 1.683 (mm) is just a random value, that is used to measure the distance of the points to all curves. It just needs to be a small value. That way, the curves whose distance to the points are between 0 and this small value give you the pattern to filter the hosts for the windows.