Applying a list so that all the branches past the first branch get the same item from the list

I’ve been stuck on this one for a while…
I have the following set of shapes:

They’re organized into a 2D tree (3D including items?) where (A;B is A = shapes organized from left to right, and B is top to bottom.
Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 6.18.55 PM

I have a list of rotations I want to apply to the lines within the shapes, which means I need to provide them to the last rotate function in the Generate Lines group. I want these rotations to apply such that each ‘column’ of shapes (that is, from bottom to top) has the same rotation. In other words, I want to apply the first number from my list of rotation angles to 0;0, 0;1, and 0;1, the second item to 1;0, 1;1, 1;2, etc. I can’t flatten the list of lines because I’m rotating each set of lines branch around a common point. Any help is appreciated.

Radial Turrets forum (54.9 KB)

Like this?

Radial Turrets forum (49.5 KB)

Perfect - I didn’t know about Tree Sloth. Thanks @akilli

Sorry, I totally forgot that Renumber Paths was not a native GH component or I would have mentioned it.