ApplyCrv distortion problem


Right now I am trying to wrap a 2D drawing of a staircase on a bend surface.
However when using the ApplyCrv command the staircase seems to be distorted at the edges of the surface. I tried to illustrate this by arraying lines on the surfaces and then using the CreateUVCrv command. (the surfaces has the exact length of the staircase).

Is there a way to fix this issue?

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Hi Paul - try UnrollSrfUV then put your curves on the result and then FlowAlongSrf’ back to the 3d surface. The issue is the UV are not evenly distributed on the 3d surface.

Post a file if you can not sort it out.


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Hey Pascal,

thanks for your answer! Unfortunatly it performed the same as ApplyCrv (see picture)

Pic: The surface on the bottom shows the curves after I unrolled the surface on the top. (middle is what I used for FlowAlongSrf)

I attached the 3dm file to this comment.


Staircase.3dm (4.5 MB)

Hi Paul - see if the attached file helps.
Staircase_PG.3dm (1.3 MB)


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Im so stupid :smile:.
Thank you for the solution and taking the time to help me!
it seems I forgot to write UV after UnrollSrf…

Have a wonderful weekend!!