Apply operators to rhino user text

Is it possible to carry out operations among attributes user text?
See explained attached.

Thank you

Hello- you can edit the text directly - for example

%<Area("d0dfbc80-1c40-4ee7-b11c-ca25eda0e90f") *2 >%

where I’ve added the *2
so the displayed value is 2x times the area - is that the sort of thing?


Thank you @pascal ,
but if I want to divide as example Volume / Thickness, is it possible as well?

Thank you again

Hello - this seems to work:


But it looks like you cannot mix ids, at least here so far.


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Hi -

FWIW, Instead of creating a static “Thickness” key-value pair, you can also use a dynamic CurveLength text field and pick an appropriate edge of the object.

Volume: %<Volume(“fbb15a9e-9df3-4775-920e-0f1768fa87a2”)>%
Height: %<CurveLength(“fbb15a9e-9df3-4775-920e-0f1768fa87a2:2,11”)>%
Ratio: %<Volume(“fbb15a9e-9df3-4775-920e-0f1768fa87a2”) / (CurveLength(“fbb15a9e-9df3-4775-920e-0f1768fa87a2:2,11”))>%


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